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First Time Fringe-ers!

Imagine a night where Pharrell Williams croons with Judy Garland, Ricky Martin scats with Cab Calloway, and Maroon 5 groove with Ella Fitzgerald - that night is here! In a fusion of unforgettable showmanship, these four masters of mashup, with their effortless vocals and sublime harmonies, will whisk you back to the golden age of big bands but with an incredibly unique twist!

Even before their acclaimed appearance on the hit BBC show "Pitch Battle", The FlyBoys were travelling the world wowing audiences with an unforgettable marriage of vintage and modern music delivered in delicious four part harmony. Having recently performed with the world famous Glenn Miller Orchestra in the US, The FlyBoys are delighted to be making their Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut at Gilded Balloon's Rose Theatre.

'They sing in perfect harmony the way the Blue Angels fly in astoundingly precise synchronisation!' - Deke Sharon, Arranger & Musical Director, 'Pitch Perfect’

‘I love that…that’s a lost art!’ - Chaka Khan

The show will be performed nightly, at 10:30pm, from the 1st to the 24th August at the Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre - Main Theatre.

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